Spring is all about new beginnings so there isn’t a better time to clean, declutter and re-consider your space.

Need some inspiration? Check out my design tips, tricks and trends below.

My advice to my design clients is always simple: when it comes to trends, only embrace those you LOVE. If you don’t love a trend, don’t do it! Your home should be a reflection of YOU. A simple refresh is all you need to stop your space from feeling stale. Mix the odd trend with your tried and true pieces, then add some fun favourites to create an aesthetic that is uniquely YOURS!

Here are my top 6 design tips, tricks & trends guaranteed to give your space a fresh Spring feel:

The Difference is in the Details

When it comes to design, it’s the little things that matter. Every detail combines to define the look of a room, so giving a space a fresh feel can be as simple as updating a few key pieces. Use open shelving as a way to showcase new decor elements this Spring. Start with clean and crisp white ceramics that are contrasted by bold pops of colour. Yellow is a popular choice this season, so add saturated citrus decor or a bold citrine statement wall. This shade will instantly help create the feeling of a warm and sunny space.

Big and Bold

From graphically patterned fabrics, oversized furniture, and geometric statement art – bigger is definitely better. Bonus points if you use a timeless combo like black and white to create a bold but balanced look.

Less IS More

Anyone and everyone is talking about Marie Kondo these days. If you haven’t read her books The Lifechanging Art of Tidying Up and Spark Joy or seen her Netflix series yet, do so now! Although it’s true you can have it all, ask yourself do you really need it? Clean out the clutter, organize, and keep only what matters most to you. If it sparks joy save it, if not – send joy to someone else by selling it/donating it/gifting it.

Source Sustainably

I always encourage my design clients to buy local, remix pieces they already have or reclaim those others no longer want. Look at all the sustainable options available, and select those that are best suited to your lifestyle and budget. Incorporate natural materials that are sustainably sourced like wood, stone, concrete and granite where possible. This nod to nature will help bring an organic feel and sense of serenity to your space.

Bring the Outside In

From botanicals to blooms, who doesn’t love using nature to add a little life to a room?! If you don’t have a green thumb, fear not. The natural motif can extend to furniture, fabrics, wall art and wall coverings as well. Fabulous florals in contrasting colours or exotic animal elements are an easy way to elevate your space.

Curves the Word

Sleek and streamlined pieces will always be popular but curved furniture is making a big Spring style statement. From the round to the uniquely shaped, find a way to embrace curves this season! Curved vintage light fixtures in brass or copper, candy coloured accents and fresh flowers will help complete the space.

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