Are you ready to trade the snow for pretty pastels and budding trees?! While some parts of the country are enjoying tulips and green grasses growing, the reality is that northerners still see a mostly wintery facade, well after the first official day of spring.

To help all of us spring-dreamers, Northern Heart + Home is sharing the centrepieces from our homes plus a list of seasonal inspirations that don’t sacrifice style due to snow! If you’re hosting family this year, or looking to spruce up your space to feel more festive, the following ideas are sure to get you into the Easter and spring-spirit.

Don’t wait for warmer weather – check out these easy Easter DIY decor ideas that you can hop to today! And while you’re preparing for Easter, check out our yummy and family-friendly dessert recipes here.

Six Easy Easter DIY Decor Ideas

  1. Simple Spring Tulips


Nothing says spring like tulips! Arrange them in your favorite vase for simple elegance or use a clear vase and wrap the stems of the blooms in their extra leaves like we did here. The rustic wood makes the perfect backdrop for this artful arrangement and the marble bunny ups the festive factor.

Burlap and Moss Bunny

2. Burlap and Moss Bunny


This adorable DIY craft can be made with just four items (burlap canvas, faux moss material, foam or paper bunny cut out and white glue) and could be made with kiddies or alongside a glass of wine!

3. Garden Fresh Carrot and Tulip Arrangement

What better way to tempt the Easter bunny, than making a floral arrangement that includes carrots?! This adorable centerpiece can be put together by purchasing carrots with green leafy tops and any shade of in-season tulips. If you have any pennies, they say it helps to keep them standing tall – but we think that floppy tulips are particularly charming as well!

Potted Bulb Nest

4. Potted Bulb Nest

Grocery stores are brimming with plastic pots of budding bulbs from hyacinths to tulips. To take the plastic and plain to pretty and presentable, change out the pot, place it on a vintage plate and tuck some straw along the edges to create a little nest around the bulbs. Add a pretty picture or a few decorative eggs and all of a sudden it’s beautiful. Bonus: you can plant the bulbs once the snow melts!

Bunny Pallet Art

5. Bunny Pallet Art

If you’re slightly handy, this is a DIY that combines pallets, paint and a cotton ball to create an adorable Easter print! Once you have the pallet ready, you can include little ones for stencilling, painting and of course, adding the bunny tail!

6. Simple Baby’s Breath Tablescape

If you have a wire basket, why not fill it with decorative eggs and some baby’s breath to create a simple but statement-making centerpiece. Bonus: this arrangement doesn’t rely on fresh flowers that have a short shelf life, so you can enjoy this pretty piece for weeks leading up to Easter!

Ready to tackle your own Easter-inspired DIY? We would love to see the finished work! Email or drop us a note on IG – we’d love to hear from you!

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